WVNU proudly serves Fayette, Highland, Clinton, Ross, Pickaway, Clark, Greene, Brown, Adams & Madison Counties in Ohio! Our listeners enjoy a great variety of music, area news, local sports and weather and severe weather warnings with closings and / or delays.

Not in our listening area or you have a metal roof on your place of work?  No big, you can listen to your favorite local radio station by clicking on “Listen Live” at the top of our home page, here at wvnu.com or you can download the WVNU App for your apple or droid devices.  And unlike our competitors,  you don’t have to search through thousands of useless clutter.  WVNU’s app is only WVNU.  You see, we’re still one of the few stations that’s locally owned and operated.  We are not a corporate, we don’t care about anything but the $$$ , kind of station.  We are right here!  We live, shop, Dine, take our kids to school and school functions in this area.  Thats important!  It’s what sets us apart and gives you piece of mind that that “dude in the box” in your Nelson Hunter or your Mark Elliott, your Kathy Patterson, Joanna  Mahan or Jody B.  Most importantly – your Pat & Elaine Hays!

We thank you for supporting our efforts to keep WVNU your REAL COMMUNITY RADIO STATION!  So, tune us in ANYWHERE you go, because we’ll be right here for you